KX8700---1+1 Prockets Banknote Sorter With CIS

Available currencies:EUR,GBP,USD,RUB,INR,PLN,CNY and BRL,etc.
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1.Counting mode: Mixed/Sort/Count.easy operation.
3.Basic function: Add,batch,Auto on/off,self-check etc.
4.Sensitivity set:adjust sensitivity in the TFT directly.
5.TFT display:3.5 inch,260K color.
6.It can transfer the images to PC and print the serial number.
7.Interface:RS-232,1nternet interface,USB,printer interface,TF card.
8.Outer display:connect to outer display and show the counting information synchronously.
9.Program upgrade:it can upgrade through U diskor LAN.more convenient and flexible
10.Easy access note transport path,for better maintenance and jam solution.
11.Multiple currency capability,configured with more than 4 currencies,available currencies:EUR,GBP,USD,RUB,INR,PLN,CNY and BRL,etc.

1.Counting speed:800,1000,1200,1500pcs/min
2.Counting display range:0-9999pcs
3.Value display range:0-99999999
4.Batch range :0-999
5.Hopper capacity:Max 500pcs
6.Stacker capacity:Max 200pcs
7.Reject capacity:Max 70pcs
7.Note-feeding size:110x50-185x90(mm)
8.Power supply:100-240V,50/60Hz
9.Machine size:270x240x305mm
10.Package size:385x375x400mm
  • Available currencies:EUR,GBP,USD,RUB,INR,PLN,CNY a...