KX-ZB2---Computerized Numerical Control Currency Binder

Approved: CE UL
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The machine can quickly bind the paper currency automatically with paper tapes, which has features such as temperature and digital adjustment and controlling,and free binding position adjustment, shut off memory, convenient operation, firm and solid, efficient and low cost binding, and is an ideal tool for financial sectors and large markets to bind the paper currency.

Binding paper currency automatically and quickly
Computer control and convenient operation
Paper currency binding can be freely adjusted by button
The paper tape hot press terminal has real time display,
and can be adjusted by bottom.
Self trouble testing and code display

Operation ambient temperature: 0℃ ~40℃
Operation ambient relative humidity:30%~80%
Operation ambient power supply:AC230V/50Hz, AC120V/60Hz
Powe :Max:55w, inactive: 20w
Temperature adjustment:105℃~140℃
Binding position:35~85mm, distance from the center of the binding paper currency to front edge of paper currency
Applicable paper tapes:DET20×180 paper tape manufactured under supervision of our company.
Binding speed:1.8S/bundle
Weight:about 6kg